Saturday, April 26, 2008

Sex, Drugs, Rock’n’Roll

**Original Movie Lobby Cards---Drugs, Sex, Rock’n’Roll**

The first number following each title represents the number of posters available.

Email me with your selections, and I will respond with prices.

***Dope, Drugs, Narcs***

above the law---6---100k18

altered states---12---35---sf3

Altered states---3---1sh.sf

atlantic city---malle---14---dir2

band of the hand---35---100k18

beverly hills cop---2---com14


camino de la droga---22---still---dop

Cazadores de narcos---18---dop

Cocaine cowboys---10---dop

cold turkey---21---com2

Confessions of an opium eater---10---dop

crack house---1---1sh---dop



Fiend of dope island---17---dop

fire over africa---13---2040---g6

Fists of fury(the big boss)---65---mabl


forbidden cargo---2---100k1


french connection 2---3---com10

french connection 2---5---com11

french connection---8---3050---g4

Fritz the cat---18---anim

furia de los malvados---1---dop

Fury of the Congo---10---3050---tzj

gene krupa story---15---com14

Genova a mano armada---war against drugs---7---dop

Girl, the body and the pill---16---dop

high school confidential---13---50100---bada


imagine---2---11x14---m (also, one sheet)

innocent man---72---100k18


Jungle Jim---20---50100---tzj


last trip of an adolescent---13---dop


lady sings the blues---20---100k18

Last hunter---34---dop


long days journey into night---19---1530---g9

lujuria de marihuana---3---dop

magnum force---38---4075---g3

magnum force---8---4075---g13

Man With the Golden Arm---35---75125---fs

Midnight express---1---1sh

midnight express---50---100k18

Modern times---chaplin

Monkey on my back---19---dop

Mundo de las drogas---9---dop

naked youth---9---1020---bada

Narco el duel rojo---96---dop

Narco terror---32---dop

Narcosatanicos diabolicos---32---dop


New orleans after dark---13---dop

Operacion marijuana---1---1sh---1---dop





pickup alley---15---com4

Policia de narcoticos---20---dop

Poppy is also a flower---12---dop

postcards from the edge---17---100k19

prince of the city---5---100k19


salaam bombay---nair---7---dir2

santa sangre---5---////---dir



straight time---10---com3

super cops---16---100k9

Tequila sunrise---1---1sh


third man---2---200350---dir

This is Elvis---40---1530---elv

three men and a baby---10---100k17

touch of evil---8---200400---g7

Traficantes en paris---13---dop



wait until dark---17---100k9

yellow submarine---23---13x17---g---250600

yellow submarine---6---11x14---g


let it be---1---11x14---d

sgt peppers lonely hearts club band---5---8x11.5---t

imagine---2---11x14---m (also, one sheet)

hard days night---6---d---pink

hard days night---5---11x14---m---blk---150350



yellow submarine---6---11x14---g

yellow submarine---23---13x17---g---250600

magic christian---18---1530---g6


Blue Hawaii---10---75150---elv

Change of Habit---15---2035---elv


Double Trouble---1---4075---elv

Flaming Star---11---4075---elv

Follow That Dream---15---4075---elv

Frankie and Johnnie---16---3050---elv

GI Blues---13---75125---elv

Girl Happy---14---3050---elv

Harum Scarum---14---3050---elv

It Happened at the Worlds Fair---17---4075---elv

Jailhouse Rock---8---7001200---elv

Kid Galahad---13---75125---elv

Kissin Cousins---11---4075---elv

Live a Little Love a Little---15---1530---elv

Paradise Hawaiian Style---14---4075---elv




Stay Away Joe---19---2035---elv

This is Elvis---44---1530---elv

Tickle Me---16---3060---elv

Trouble With Girls---15---2040---elv

Wild in the Country---9---75150---elv

***Original Frank Sinatra Vintage Movie Posters***

Anchors Aweigh---32---150300---fs

Assault on a Queen---12---1525---fs

Come Blow Your Horn---16---1530---fs


Four for Texas---10---1530---fs

High Society---8---75150---fs

Hole in the Head---11---4075---fs

Johnny Concho---21---2040---fs

Kings Go Forth---14---3050---fs

List of Adrian Messenger---14---1530---fs

Man With the Golden Arm---35---75125---fs

manchurian candidate---11---4075---fs

Meet Danny Wilson---12---3060---fs

Naked Runner---14---1525---fs

Never So Few---14---2035---fs

None But the Brave---14---2035---fs

not as a stranger---15---3050---fs

Oceans 11---31---3050---fs

Pal Joey---12---3050---fs

Pride and the Passion---16---2040---fs


Tender Trap---18---2545---fs

Tony Rome---20---1525---fs

Von Ryans Express---11---1530---fs

Young at Heart---11---50100---fs

***Mamie Van Doren***

aint misbehavin---10---com5

all american---2---2040---100k9

all american---9---2040---g12

beat generation---15---4075---g10

big operator---10---2040---g4

college confidential---14---2040---bada

francis joins the wacs

girls town---11---1530---badm

high school confidential---13---50100---bada

Seis balas para ringo---15---sw

star in the dust---com7

untamed youth---6---4075---bada

yankee pasha---21---100k5

***Jayne Mansfield***


dog eat dog---19---com11

girl cant help it---14---100200---g11

guide for the married man---22---com4

hell on frisco bay


it happened in athens---15---100k2

panic button---14---2040---g3

pete kellys blues---16---2545---g10

sheriff of fractured jaw---6---com3

too hot to handle---22---4075---g11


***Anita Ekberg***

abbott and costello go to mars---10---75150---ac

back from eternity---11---com10

boccaccio 70---13---50100

call me bwana---16---100k11


Four for Texas---8---1530---fs


Lecho conyugal---AEkberg/BBouchet---16---it2

man in the vault---2---com9

man inside---12---100k17



paris holiday---14---com5

pickup alley---15---com4


screaming mimi---17---com15

sign of the gladiator?


woman times seven---16---com9


***Brigitte Bardot***

And God Created Woman---15---100200---bb

babette goes to war---10

boulevard del ron---14

Bride is Much Too Beautiful---12---50100---bb


Come Dance With Me---19---4080---bb

Dear Brigitte---19---1525---bb

Doctor at Sea---3---4080---bb

Girl in the Bikini---26---50100---bb

l’orso e la bambola---18

la lumiere d’en face---11

La Parisienne---18---50100---bb

le repos du guerrier---19

les bijoutiers du claire de lune---12

Les Femmes---23---5050---bb

les petroleuses---8

Love on a Pillow---19---4075---19---bb

Ms. Don Juan---13---5050---bb

Night Heaven Fell---12---50100---bb


Please Not Now---16---3060---bb


Spirits of the Dead---16---3050---bb

Suerte te de Dios---10---50100---bb


Viva Maria---9---3050---bb

voulez-vous danser avec moi---19

Woman Like Satan---19---4075---bb

***Marilyn Monroe***

Bus Stop---11---300600---mm

Clash by Night---16---125250---mm

Goodbye Norma Jean---2---////---mm

Ladies of the Chorus---17---300600---mm

Love Nest---12---150300---mm



Monkey Business---16---200400---mm


River of No Return---10---250500---mm

Some Like it Hot---37---350750---mm

***Rock and Roll***

a ritmo de twist---10---////---badm

Abba the great show---43---badm

al compras del rock and roll---9---////---badm

america by night---11---////---badm

American hot wax---15---badm

Amor a ritmo de go go---8---badm

ases en duelo---12---////---badm

beach ball---12---2035---badm

big tnt show---15---50100---badm

bikini beach---9---3060---badm

bikinis y rock---11---////---badm

blues brothers---19---50100---badm

Chicos con las chicas---13---badm

dont knock the twist---16---3060---badm

Fabulosas del reventon 2---14---badm

ferry across the mersey---17---1530---badm


get yourself a college girl---16---2035---badm

girl cant help it---13---100200---g11

girls town---16---1530---badm

go johnny go---23---100200---badm

hey lets twist---17---2040---badm

hold on---12---2040---badm

Hombres no deben llorar---21---badm

hootenanny hoot---17---1525---badm

hound dog man---8---1530---badm



just for fun---18---510---badm

last waltz---26---2040---badm

Leo dan the troubador of america---8---badm

let it be---1---75150---badm

lets rock---13---75150---badm


Loca juventud---19---badm

Locura del rock and roll---11---badm

los chiflados del rock and roll---4---////---badm

Los rockero del barrio---9---badm

los rockeros del barrio---2---////---badm

los temerarios---7---////---badm

love and kisses---2---1530---badm

love in a goldfish bowl---12---1525---badm



mister rock and roll---14---100200---badm

Monster dog---44---badm

monterrey pop---13---50100---badm

mrs brown youve got a lovely daughter---18---2035---badm

Nuestros buenos vecinos de yucatan---19---badm

paris a go go---19---////---badm

Profe hippie---14---badm

Raphael digan lo que digan---9---badm

ring a ding rhythm---20---1530---badm

Ritmo romano---19---badm


rock around the clock---1---125250---badm

rock pretty baby---12---50100---badm

rock rock rock---24---150300---badm


senior prom---18---1530---badm

sing boy sing---21---1530---badm

Soul to soul---6---badm

st louis blues---1---4075---badm

st louis blues---5---3060---g3



swingin summer---26---1020---badm

Tercer sexo se diverte---14---badm

Thank god its Friday---6---badm

twist all night---17---3050---badm

twist around the clock---11---3050---badm

twist locura de juventud---27---////---badm


when the boys meet the girls---14---2035---badm


Ya nunca mas---8---badm

Your cheatin heart---12---badm


a los 17 anos no se lloran---15---////---bada

acusacion infame---3---////---bada

age of desire---11---////---bada

Amor de adolescente---11---bada

Beau pere---3---bada

because theyre young---18---3050---bada

Bestias juveniles---19---bada

Betrayed women---9---bada

Big doll house---21---bada

Big doll house---4---bada

Bitter fruits---12---bada

blue denim---9---1525---bada

Blue jeans---9---bada

Bobbie jo and the outlaw---9---bada

Born innocent---28---bada


Caged heat---17---bada

Camino de la vida---6---bada

carceles de mujeres---8---////---bada

Case of patty smith---7---bada

Chain gang women---6---bada

chained heat---8---715---bada

Cola candy chocolate---8---bada

college confidential---16---2040---bada

Confesiones de una adolescente---22---bada

crime in the streets---12---2040---bada

Deadly field trip---17---bada

Deadly rivals---35---bada

Delinquent school girls---4---bada


Du bout des livres---7---bada

el caso de una adolescente---4---////---bada

Ellas tambien son rebeldes---7---bada


Enemigos del alma---12---bada

estos anos violentes---13---////---bada

explosive generation---20---1525---bada

Family life---26---bada

Fiebre de juventud---9---bada

Fiebre de primavera---16---bada

Fifteen and dangerous---9---bada

Fifteen year olds looking for pleasure---6---bada

First row---4---bada

flame of youth---2---2040---bada

for men only---11---2040---bada

Forced entry---9---bada

gioventu di notte---15---////---bada

Goin down the road---10---bada

high school confidential---19---50100---bada

Hollywood high---4---bada

hot rods to hell---11---2035---bada

How to score with girls---7---bada

Hunger of youth---15---bada

Infiernos tras las rejas---8---bada

Jovenes animales---9---bada

jovenes sin conciencia---13---////---bada


juvenile jungle---8---3050---bada

Juventud desnuda---21---bada

Juventud se impone---11---bada

juventud sin manana---23---////---bada

la rage de vivre---14---////---bada

la rebelion de los adolescentes---20---////---bada

Last house on the left---17---bada

Lemon popsicle---11---bada

life begins at seventeen---15---1020---bada

Longing at seventeen---18---bada


naked youth---9---1020---bada

ninas sacrificadas---21---////---bada

Nosotros los jovenes---15---bada

Pajama party---4---bada

platinum high school---17---1530---bada

Pleasures of youth---9---bada


Prision de mujeres---53---bada

problems of an adolescent---24---////---bada

Rebels in the night---23---bada

reformatorio para mujeres---17---////---bada

riot in juvenile prison---17---1530---bada


Seed of innocence---21---bada

so young so bad---12---1525---bada

Sorority girl---11---bada

Soy un delicuente---7---bada

Student teachers---5---bada



Sweater girls---3---bada

Tengo 17 anos---18---bada

Trauma of an adolescent---38---bada

untamed youth---6---4075---bada



wayward girl---20---////---bada

Wild in the streets---18---bada

wild seed---6---////---bada

Women unchained---4---bada

womens prison---17---3050---bada

young dont cry---15---1525---bada

young savages---17---1020---bada

Young warriors---7---bada

***Motorcycles and Hot Rods***

angel unchained---19---1020---badm

Angeles asesinos---43---badm

angels from hell---45---1020---badm

born losers---10---3060---badm

Club de los suicidas---16---badm

Devils angels---11---badm

evel knievel---23---510---badm

fireball 500---16---2035---badm

Formula 1---18---badm

Hard ride---24---badm

hot rod rumble---15---4075---badm

jazz boat---18---1525---badm

Jesus trip---11---badm

loco por la moto---6---////---badm

Mas alla de la violencia---18---badm

miniskirt mob---20---1020---badm

Moriras con el sol---31---badm

motorcycle gang---10---4075---badm

pace that thrills---2---1530---badm

pecadores en blue jeans---11---////---badm

Piratas del asfalto---18---badm

rayos al volante---23---////---badm

Rebel rousers---10---badm

rebeldes del volante---22---////---badm

road racers---11---////---badm

Smokin wheels---5---badm

Steel arena---4---badm


Survival zone---10---badm

Sweet ride---10---badm

thunder alley---13---3050---badm

thunder in carolina---13---2035---badm

vertigo sobre ruedas---19---////---badm

viva kneivel

Viva knievel---40---badm

wild angels---27---4075---badm

Wild racers---14---badm


aber jonny! ’73 GER---5---er2

apprezzato professionista disicuro av... ’71 IT---12---er1

atti impuri all’italiana ’76 IT---36---er1

auandar anapu ’74 (prize)---4---er2

avere vent’anni ’78 IT---14---er2

baba yaga ’73 EUR---11---er1

bed of 1,000 pleasures ’72 IT (B.Bouchet)---7---er1

bella antonia prima monica... ’72 IT (E.Fenech)---18---er1

bellas de noche 2 ’75 MX---30---er2

below the belt ‘70---7---er2

Black deep throat ’76 IT---37+---er2

bocconcino ’76 IT---31---er1

born innocent ’74 TVM---7---er1

call girls of frankfurt ’66 AUST---11---er1

carhops ‘80---28---er2

cavalla tutta nuda ’72 IT (B.Bouchet)---3---er1

celestine ’74 FR---19---er2

che dottoressa ragazzi ’76 IT---14---er2

chile picante ’81 MX---4---er1

cicciolina amore mio ’79 IT---10---er1

coccolona ’75 EUR---28---er2


confessions of a sex maniac ’72 IT (S.Koscina)---10---er1

confessions of a sex maniac ’72 IT---8---er2

Crazy horse de paris ’76 FR---9---er2

crimes of the black cat ’72 IT---2---er1

cugine mie ’78 IT---70+---er1

donna di seconda mano ’77 IT (S.Berger)---5---er2

donna per sette bastardi ’74 IT---7---er1

dr minx ‘75---24---er1

drei bayern in bangkok ’75 GER---38+---er1

erotic dreams of cleopatra ’83 EUR---8---er1

es pecado...pero me gusta ’77 EUR---11---er1

escuela de placer---43+---er2

extraconiugale ’64 IT---19---er1

fascista la beata y su hija desvirgada ’78 VZ/MX---19---er1

femme fidele ’76 FR (d:R.Vadim)---4---er1

fine dell’innocenza ’75 IT---7---er2

flavia the rebel nun ’74 EUR---16---er1

flossie ’74 SWD---3---er2

flossie ’74 SWD---6---er2

governante ’75 IT---16---er2

groove room ’75 SWD/US---14---er2

happy hooker goes to washington ‘77---24---er1

hembras diabolicas---30---er2

hijos del diablo (Piporro)---1---er2

hilfe mich liebt eine jungfrau ’69 GER---2---er2

historia de s ’78 SP---37+---er1

hombre desnudo---19---er2

homo eroticus ’71 IT---28---er2


ils son nus ’66 CAN/FR---9---er1

indecent exposure ‘81---8---er2

ingenua ’75 IT---28---er1

ingenua ’75 IT---7---er1

inside army ‘75---4---er1

je suis une nymphomane ’70 FR---27---er1

Josefine das liebestolle katzchen ’69 EUR---32---er2

joy of flying ’77 GER---4---er2

juegos de colegials GER---24---er1

keeler affair ’63 DK/UK---9---er1

labbra di lurido blu ’75 IT---23---er2

labios eroticos---3---er2

Limite del amor ’76 SP---80+---er2

little mother ’73 US/EUR---25---er1

lola espejo oscuro ’66 SP---18---er2

macho bionico---11---er2

macho en el salon de belleza---50+---er2

mais ou menos virgem ’73 BR---49---er1

manhandlers ‘73---37+---er1

marcada por los hombres---15---er2

mascara ’77 SP---16---er2

mata hari ’85 (S.Kristel)---8---er2

medico e la studentessa ’76 IT---32---er1

metti lo diavolo tuo ne lo mio inferno ’72 IT---6---er1

morbid habits of the governess ’74 IT---16---er1

muchacha de las bragas de oro---9---er2

muchachos de barrio (d:Klim?)---20---er2

mujer del ministro (P.Armdz)---6---er2

mujeres de jeremias ’80 SP/MX (C.Connors?)---7---er1

my loves ’79 IT (E.Fenech)---13---er1

nackte bovary ’69 EUR (E.Fenech)---47---er2

nana ’70 EUR (p:G.Alatriste)---35+---er1

nana ’85 MX (V.Castro)---13---er2

natasha ARG---15---er1

nipoti miei diletti ’74 IT---42+---er2

notti segrete di lucrezia borgia ’82 EUR---15---er2

oh mia bella matrigna ’76 IT---3---er2

orgasmo ’68 EUR (C.Baker)---32+---er1

pafnucio santo ’77 MX---2---er2

papaya dei caribe ’78 IT---20---er2

para psycho-spektrum der angst ’75 GER---14---er1

pasion inconfesable ’78 SP---23---er2

pavone nero ’74 IT---15---er2

pedro navaja (Resortes)---2---er2

perro callejero---4---er2

pick-up ‘75---29---er1

piratas ’84 MX---5---er2

placeres secretos de dos cortesanas (E.Fenech)---100+---er1

preppies ’82 (Playboy)---24+---er1

preppies ’82 (Playboy)---5---er2

pretora ’76 IT (d: L.Fulci)(E.Fenech)---16---er2

quella strana voglia d’amore ’77 IT---36---er2

reina del strip tease (Z.Faiad)---15---er1

rey de masaje---30+---er2

rey de talon---27---er2

sassie sue ‘72---11---er2

Saturday night out ’63 UK---17---er2

seminariste ’76 IT---13---er2

senza buccia ’79 EUR---5---er1

sex with a smile 2 ’76 IT---35---er1

sexo de los pobres---11---er2

sexo de los ricos---15---er2

sexo en condominio (E.Fenech)---33+---er1

sexo me da risa ’78 MX (S.Mont)---21---er2

sexo sentido MX---11---er2

single girls ‘73---7---er1

Six women ‘75---20---er2

story of o ’75 EUR---26---er1

strange compulsion ‘64---19---er1

stripper ‘85---er2

strip-tease ’76 SP---8---er2


susana quiere perder eso ’77 SP---12---er2

sweet sins of sexy susan ’67 EUR---6---er1

swinging barmaids ‘75---19---er2

tender loving care ‘74---19---er1

tentations de marianne ’72 FR---23---er2

testigo para un crimen ’63 ARG (L.Leblanc)---5---er1

torturadas pelo sexo ’76 BR---3---er2

traumstadt ’73 GER---2---er2

tuo piacere e il mio ’73 IT (B.Bouchet)(S.K.)---31---er1

vanessa ’77 GER---31---er1

vedova del trullo ’79 IT---9---er1

vercinella ’76 IT---3---er2

veuve en or ’69 EUR---13---er1

virgin wife ’75 IT---6---er1

when love is lust ’73 IT---26---er2

without a stitch ’69 DK---9---er1

y hacemos de...tocho morocho---19---er2

ya soy mujer ’75 SP---18---er1

young emmannuelle ’76 FR---6---er2


The Posters are original, and come from a Regional Film Archive in Mexico City.

They were designed in Hollywood, Europe or elsewhere---and printed in Mexico.

Each Poster contains the same design elements found on Posters from the US.

They contain both stills from the Film and also design elements from the One Sheet Poster.

The typography, photos, artwork, stars names, credits, drawings, scenes, emotional impact,

appeal, and intrinsic value are virtually the same as Posters from Hollywood or any other

international Metropolis where the film had been shown.

However, the layout will be much flashier, more graphically intensive, or even more lurid.

The size is appx. 13" x 17"---over 40% larger than a standard Lobby Card.

As such, each Poster is a cross between a Jumbo Lobby Card, Title Card, and a One Sheet Poster.

The Posters were printed on either heavy Cardboard Stock, thick fine Linen Paper, or

sturdy Poster Stock.

Overall very good condition, altho there will be occasional tears, pinholes, stains, etc.

There are eight different variations for each poster---containing different stills from the film.

Some dupes.